Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students

Alaa Al-Sammari, PhD Candidate, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Alireza Bahmanzad, PhD Candidate, Building Systems

Rommel Cordova-Fiorri, Master Student, Building Systems

Hamid Kaboli, PhD Candidate, Building Systems

Niloufar Khoshbakht, PhD Candidate, Building Systems

Seth Lawrence-Slavas, Master Student, Building Systems

Fiona O’Donnell, PhD Candidate, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Andrew Weuling, Master Student, Building Systems

Former Graduate Students

Rachel Koh (Doctoral in Mechanical Engineering, UMass, May 2017), Bio-Based Wind Turbine Blades: Renewable Energy Meets Sustainable Materials for Clean, Green Power

Larisa Brojan (Doctoral in Architecture, University of Ljubljana, May 2014), Potential of Building with Straw in Slovenia

Bonnie Yang (Masters in Building Systems, UMass, May 2012), Torsional Shear Strength and Size Effect in Structural Composite Lumber

Kira Disen (Masters of Architecture and Design, May ’12), Building with Bamboo: a Review of Culm Connection Technology

Mahyar Mahdavi (Masters in Civil and Environmental Engineering, May ’10)
A Low-technology Approach toward Development of Laminated Bamboo Lumber
Development of Laminated Bamboo Lumber: a review of processing, performance and economical considerations

Former Undergraduate Students

Chad Quaglia (Commonwealth College Honor’s Student, ’12), Experimental Evaluation of Epoxy based Wood-Concrete Composite Floor Systems for Mill Building Renovations

Alex Flinn (Commonwealth College Honor’s Student, ’13), Thesis: Evaluating Dowel-Bearing Strength for Laminated Bamboo Lumber (LBL) in Structural Applications