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Wood on the plaza

Wood on the Plaza was an exhibition on Wood Architecture and Engineering, complete with the construction of a high-tech timber grid shell on the plaza of the Fine Arts Center int eh Spring of 2016. You can read about it here: 

Our research … in action

The new University of Massachusetts Design Building, completed in Spring 2017, employs Wood-Concrete Composites — a technology researched by our very own Bio-Based Building research group. Our publications on this technology are listed on the “Lab Publications” page of this site. The structure is one of the first institutional buildings in the Northeast to be …

Research shows wood buildings are cleaner and cheaper

Chad Oliver, Director of Global Institute of Sustainable Forestry at Yale University, conducts research on how increasing wood harvest would have profound positive impact on the environment. Check out his most recent article from …   “Swapping steel, concrete, or brick for wood and specially engineered wood equivalents would drastically reduce global carbon …

Boston Globe article on wood construction

Michael Green’s Wood Innovation Design Center in British Columbia.

“… if a growing chorus of architects have their way, the next generation of urban buildings will be crafted from an innovative, versatile structural material that’s key to sustainable large-scale development. You’d know it as wood.”